Here Are Occupy Wall Street’s Plans For A National Convention That Could Change The Face Of America!

It’s in the works. A massive Occupy Wall Street gathering with delegates from all over the country. And if these plans are carried out, Occupy Wall Street will be a major force to be reckoned with on Election Day 2012.

The date? July 4, 2012.

Put aside questions of whether or not the movement will survive that long. Imagine that they do, because they have no doubt.

If only our economy had that kind of confidence.
Discussions on how to proceed will begin tomorrow at a massive General Assembly at 7 PM. Here’s how they describe what they’re about to do:

….the election of delegates and holding of a national general assembly or convention on July 4, 2012 must be organized. No calls for violence. No calls for the violent overthrow of the government.

…Once organized and the delegates have been elected by direct ballot in all 435 districts. They must demand that our elected leaders take action. If they do not take action within one year of the demand, we will demand their mass resignations and that new elections be held so we can take back our democracy from the corporations and those who BUY power and influence with MONEY. Yes this includes unions and lobbyists.

The Citizens United case must be reversed

More concrete, long-term measures can also be found on their website in a document called The Steps to Non-Violent Revolution and the Convening of a National General Assembly. There are ten of them, and the most amazing thing about them, is that they outline a democratic plan to decide on a platform of reforms supported by occupations across the entire country leading right up to the 2012 election.

Perhaps Occupy Wall Street only thought of doing this now, but I sincerely doubt it.

Basically, if this is carried out, Occupy Wall Street could shift the course of American politics at its highest levels.

Here are the steps:

1. The Occupy Wall Street movement, through the local general assembly, should elect an executive committee comprised of 11 people or some other odd number of people that is manageable for meetings. Ideally this committee should represent each city in the U.S. that is being occupied.

2. The executive committee will then attend to local issues such as obtaining permits, paying for public sanitation and dealing with the media. More important, the executive committee shall plan and organize the election of the 870 delegates to a National General Assembly between now and July 4, 2012.

3. As stated in the 99% declaration, each of the 435 congressional districts will form an election committee to prepare ballots and invite citizens in those districts to run as delegates to a National General Assembly in Philadelphia beginning on July 4, 2012 and convening until October 2012.

4. Each of the 435 congressional districts will elect one man and one woman to attend the National General Assembly. The vote will be by direct democratic ballot regardless of voter registration status as long as the voter has reached the age of 18 and is a US citizen. This is not a sexist provision. Women are dramatically under-represented in politics even though they comprise more than 50% of the U.S. population.

5. The executive committee will act as a central point to solve problems, raise money to pay for the expenses of the election of the National General Assembly and make sure all 870 delegates are elected prior to the meeting on July 4th.

6. The executive committee would also arrange a venue in Philadelphia to accommodate the delegates attending the National General Assembly where the declaration of values, petition of grievances and platform would be proposed, debated, voted on and approved. The delegates would also elect a chair from their own ranks to run the meetings of the congress and break any tie votes. We will also need the expertise of a gifted parliamentarian to keep the meetings moving smoothly and efficiently.

7. The final declaration, platform and petition of grievances, after being voted upon by the 870 delegates to the National General Assembly would be formally presented by the 870 delegates to all three branches of government and all candidates running for federal public office in November 2012. Thus, the delegates would meet from July 4, 2012 to sometime in early to late October 2012.

8. The delegates to the National General Assembly would then vote on a time period, presently suggested as one year, to give the newly elected government in November an opportunity to redress the petition of grievances. This is our right as a People under the First Amendment.

9. If the government fails to redress the petition of grievances and drastically change the path this country is on, the delegates will demand the resignation and recall of all members of congress, the president and even the Supreme Court and call for new elections by, of and for the PEOPLE with 99 days of the resignation demand.

10. There will NEVER be any call for violence by the delegates even if the government refuses to redress the grievances and new elections are called for by the delegates. Nor will any delegate agree to take any money, job promise, or gifts from corporations, unions or any other private source. Any money donated or raised by the executive committee may only be used for publicizing the vote, the National General Assembly, and for travel expenses and accommodation at the National General Assembly ONLY. All books and records will be published openly online so that everyone may see how much money is raised and how the money is spent each month. There will be no money allowed to “purchase” delegate votes as we have in the current government. No corporate “sponsorship”.

Very ambitious, we’ll see how it goes.

by Linette Lopez

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5 comments on “Here Are Occupy Wall Street’s Plans For A National Convention That Could Change The Face Of America!

  1. How exciting! And ambition is a good thing 🙂 I live in Philadelphia and even though I’ve only been “occupying” on a part time weekend basis, I’ll look forward to a new reason to celebrate on July 4th, 2012!

  2. The Republican-controlled Legislature of Ohio just gerrymandered our Toledo area congressional district out of existence. It was split up among 3 rural republicans and the remainder added to the Cleveland district of Dennis Kucinich. We have thus been denied representation in Congress. Please do not deny us representation at the National Occupation Convention. The OCCUPY TOLEDO delegation should be recognized, even though our congressional district has been stolen.

  3. Dear Naomi;
    Your stand for what is right and legal is exemplary. All demonstrators should be as well educated as possible on their legal rights. Americans are living with memories of the days when they had rights. Unfortunately, too few are aware that those rights have been gradually eroded and finally all but destroyed by the patriot act. If people do not act intelligently and in concert to recover their rights now, then when? The Huffington post is one of a select few journals that I bother to read, simply because there are only a select few which are not controlled by interests which act against the welfare of mankind.

  4. As a old bloke (64) I am proud of the young people standing their ground against illegal and brutal actions of “police officers” who act outside the law and contrary to the interests of the citizenry. It takes courage and strength to continue this occupation and their actions cause my heart to swell with pride. I have hope again for America to be a worthy member of the global society, a hope which has not existed since JFK was assassinated. Stay strong, stay proud, stay peaceful all you young warriors on the ground.

  5. Hi there!  This is a great initiative, was it endorsed by the OWS general assembly? If so i want to know how to be involved. And I believe occupy should not be defined or constrained by current national boundaries. I participate daily in Occupy Vancouver and hope you are not set on allowing the arbitrary national borders of the largely, if not predominantly, unceded First Nations (Native) territory of this continent define the scope of your occupy assembly. As both Euro-centrism and Pax Americana come to a close can’t we discover new forms cognizant of the fundamental racism of settler colonialism in North America and seeking to do better than Westphalia’s legacy?  If you are planning a mirror American process next year, please break that mirror and proceed mindful that the 99% is bigger than any nation or state!      

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