Occupy Wall Street Explained for Dummies (like me…lol)….

The Stupid Persons Guide to Occupy Wall Street……..

This video is also available in our Resources Section.

2 comments on “Occupy Wall Street Explained for Dummies (like me…lol)….

  1. That 1%…..they’re also Americans.

    Don’t get me wrong though – I’m all for being able to say what you believe, and lawfully assembling to protest what you disagree with.

    Just that, ironically, it is the job of most every business to make profit – in fact, it is the goal of most Americans to make as much profit as possible – and so I’m not sure its fair to term that as greedy.

    Now, if you are talking about the bubble economy that has been created, and how its basically going to cause the economic collapse of America(And with it, the rest of the world), the blame falls mostly on the government, primarily around the late 90s. Sure, some banks, a few guys on Wall Street, and a lot of the 99% helped contribute to the creation, and destruction/coming -destruction of the bubbles, but it was mostly poor government policies in the Federal Reserve and a lack of proper guidelines and laws to help control artificial economic bumps.

    Having explained why I won’t be one of the guys supporting the Occupy movement, let me also just say that I hope most of what y’all do stays lawful – peaceful assembly does not give you free reign to any location of assembly you wish, nor to force people to be your audience. As much as y’all have the right to peaceably assemble, others have the right to NOT HAVE THEIR RIGHTS INFRINGED just so you can try and make your point.

    I doubt y’all will accomplish anything, but keep it safe out there!

    Brian Scheffler

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