Anonymous Speaks: A message to Scott Olsen of Occupy Oakland

Scott Olsen

Scott Olsen, it has come to our attention that you have been critically injured by the Oakland Police Department for standing up for the American peoples’ First Amendment Rights. The honor and courage you have displayed on the battlefield is only overshadowed by the cowardice and dishonor displayed by those who have committed these inhumane crimes against you. As you stand in solidarity with the people of the world, Anonymous stands in solidarity with you Scott. A bullet to the head of our brother is a bullet to the head of us all. We may not share the physical pain and hardships you are enduring, but know that we feel the emotional turmoil that comes along with this injury that being inflicted on you has been inflicted on all free Americans.

Disclaimer:As with all messages of this type, the validity of it’s authorship has yet to be ascertained


11 comments on “Anonymous Speaks: A message to Scott Olsen of Occupy Oakland

  1. This made me cry. Scott Olsen finally met the true enemy. His pain cannot serve as another sacrifice. The corpo/financial robbers of democracy must surrender and stop finding ways to keep more at our expense.

  2. I sent Scott a card today. What happened to him could have easily happened to any of us and something similar still may. We are by and large a democratic society and you simply cannot strip people of their basic rights. As I told Mayor Quan, it’s a nice gesture to release a written statement of pending investigaton and visiting Scott in the hospital, what is she going to do as a result of that investigaton. What is on video cannot be disputed.

  3. Not just the cop that fractured his skull, also the cop who threw the flashbangs and concussion grenades at those who were trying to get scott out to safety. That right there makes them accomplices for trying to prevent scott from being carried away to a hospital. This abuse of force is one of the reasons why cop killers are heroes in prison.

  4. Please do not tell a vet that medals and awards mean nothing– they mean the honor of our country is given to these brave heros DO NOT DEMEAN THEIR HONOR. Thank you

    James F Murphy Sr. Viet. Nam era vet.

  5. I am proud of all the protesters. This is what they all face, the chance of something like this happening. I think it is something our country should be ashamed of, when our own people, peacefully protesting against an attack from within, should have to be afraid of our own police depts.. I feel it is a shame that Scott Olsen served his country and has to come home to defend it against corporate greed and take over by the very ultra rich. I am very proud of him and all the protesters.

  6. The police remind me of gang members behavior . Trying to one up the other guy..Only the other guy are unarmed peaceful protestors that are armed with a voice , words and a presence. How is that so threatening?! Police that behave so inappropriately come across as irresponsible immature glorified bullies.

  7. I am not a Marine, I am not a Police officer, I am not an Oakland Occupier…
    I hereby claim Scott Olsen as family; he is my brother, my cousin, my uncle, my father, my nephew, my Marine. I am an American Citizen.



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