“Why Don’t The Occupy Protesters Stop Whining & Just Work Hard?!”

You hear it again and again. Right-wingers saying “People just need to stop bitching and work harder. I believe in hard work!” Well, here’s my answer to that. by Lee Camp


4 comments on ““Why Don’t The Occupy Protesters Stop Whining & Just Work Hard?!”

  1. Looking past the derogatory comments about fat people/children… Here here! In my own humble opinion…we don’t live in the democratic country that we were taught in school in the 60s/70s/80s b/c “We The People” now includes Corporations. Until Corporations are willing to make less profits (by paying more taxes) and until the shareholders of the same companies are willing to make less ROI and dividend payouts this country will never go back to the prosperity that EVERYONE enjoyed in the post WW2 era (when we were the ONLY INDUSTRIALIZED COUNTRY left intact to REBUILD W. Europe and Japan). I don’t see Rite Aid, Pizza Hut, Wal-Mart or <Insert National other Nat'l Chain here) paying a LIVING WAGE = 21.50/hr = $45,000 (measly for NYC, but "okay" for middle America) And I don't see "Small business" paying their employees $21.50/hr (on average) AND offering Healthcare to their 1 – 100 employees (which is why we need a single payer Healthcare System – no business (large or small) wants to be in "quicksand" that Health Ins. providers put them thru (I speak from experience). Most companies would rather NOT have to deal with the mega-health Insurance Companies. If the "govt' can manage our water/sewage filtration, Police and Firemen services and Public Schools – I think the govt can run our healthcare a la Medicare… Imagine a small business owner who opens a "copy and print" shop. Do you think he can pay his employees $21.50/hr AND offer healthcare? Hell no! Rachel Maddow had an EXCELLENT SEGMENT that explained the RUN AWAY income wealth gap – it showed, how around the mid 80s, when Reagan's "trickle down economics" was initiated, the income GAPING HOLE started (look it up!!!)… it's that simple folks. Oh and one more thing… American Corporate CEOs could give a crap less about OWS and the Middle Class as they are making their money abroad in the developing countries where labor (the BIGGEST EXPENSE of any companies Profit and Loss statement) and supplies/raw materials are exponentially cheaper. They send their kids to private schools, have private jets and private houses in secluded and protected areas (Hamptons, NYC "Trump" Buildings, Beverly Hills, etc…) This is the last point I'll make: Think about this: "on average" how much of our MONTHLY BUDGET do we spend on items "made in China" – 20%? 30%? 50%? more….

    it's 2 – 3% – think about it – most expenditures of a typical families MONTHLY BIDGET is spent on "AMERICAN OWNED ENTITIES" – your landlord/mortgage lender, your health/auto/dental insurance, your car upkeep (not purchase), your groceries (the importer of foreign food, drinks and liquors) HAS TO BE AMERICAN OWNED), lawyers – so, when the prices we pay for American-owned services are "high" – it's b/c we are supporting the LIVING WAGE of fellow Americans – that's why the prices we pay on these American owned goods and services are SKY HIGH.

    OWS needs to demand that LIVING WAGES be a part of the solution. When I get a chance, I'm going to go down to OWS and say my piece – after Halloween.

  2. ooops one more thought – today’s generations AREN’T wiling to sacrifice like our great-grandparents and grandparents did. They came from their birthplaces to a completely strange country, settled in, participated in WW1 – lost some children in WW1, survived the Great Depression by living through rations and then WW2 – again by giving up some of their children to the war… I don’t see my generation and those after ( the “x”, “y” and “millennials” wanting to sacrifice anything – OWS is the first sign that these FOUR GENERATIONS are coming together and saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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