“If You Love America,Then Fight for America to be Free! Mainstream Media gets slammed

This is a Must See… and I have to admit, I’ve watch this clip several times today, and All I can say is… Truth, is where you find it.  During an interview commercial break, Louis Farrakhan slams the Mainstream media so hard their teeth rattle.  You might not agree with his politics, but surely, you can agree with his support of Occupy Wall Street and their efforts.  He hits the nail on the head, and all this happens during the commercial break…lol


6 comments on ““If You Love America,Then Fight for America to be Free! Mainstream Media gets slammed

  1. *Yawn*

    Seriously? With the unbelievably large amount of ways to get all kinds of news, if people choose to stick with half-assed media sources (Fox, MSNBC, CNN etc) its because they talk about what they WANT to hear, most likely because it tracks with their personal views.

    Insulting people because their “truth” is different from your “truth” is just dumb.

  2. @Brian, so, being a critical thinker is not your strong suit, eh? Yes, folks do watch what tracks with their views, but critical thinkers understand that there’s not a dime’s worth of difference among any of the main news sources. They can only be as “truthful” as the corporate bosses allow. The differences boil down to radical right, right, and right light. Even the ones that pretend to be “left-leaning” are really centrist with a right slant when push comes to shove. Yes, even MSNBC.

    • My comment had nothing to do with which main news source supports the left or who supports the right – I agree that the media caters to the companies that support them. It’s a business, so the people running it will do what they have to do to keep their jobs, and everyone below them will do the same or lose theirs.

      But that had NOTHING to do with my point – if people decide to watch the mainstream news, then they are getting what they want from it; biased opinions that track with their stances on topics. For those that just want the news and not the slant, there are a multitude of other ways people can get it, so they can decide for themselves and form their own rationals.

      For this guy to criticize people in the news for doing their job is dumb, simply because he believes in the “truth” that he preaches and tells people, while the “truth” Fox and CNN and so forth perpetrate may be as slanted as his, just the opposite direction – which is what the people watching the news ACCEPT.

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