My WTF? Moment of The Day! Pat Robertson says Christians should not participate in Occupy Wall Street

Conservative televangelist and 700 Club host Pat Robertson says that Christians should not take part on the Occupy Wall Street movement. What would Jesus do? The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.


9 comments on “My WTF? Moment of The Day! Pat Robertson says Christians should not participate in Occupy Wall Street

  1. Well, he’s not ENTIRELY off the mark – although not sure what being a Christian has to do with what the Occupiers are pushing for.

    But he has a point – lots of people don’t understand what the Occupiers are protesting.

    Additionally, most don’t understand how camping in a park, pissing in the streets, being unsanitary(Hazardous to yours and others health), stealing from stories, costing the cities/taxpayers of the various cities hundreds of thousands of dollars, bothering people, and various other things that the Occupiers have been up to – most don’t understand how that is protesting.

    I’m one of the 99%…….who doesn’t understand how that is protesting.


    ~Full Disclosure: Not a Christian. I agree, Robertson is a douchebag jerkoff SOB.~

    • It is nothing to do with camping out however the camping out was done and said “we will not leave till things change” so in that sense we hold truth to our words. Being I cannot speak for the movement and only myself, in addition to the fact that I am spiritual, I will say that this is the prophecy playing out. Satan as been forced out of heaven and is here on earth in the form of our governments by breaking every sin. The occupiers are not the bad guys, we are Gods army. Revelations is here.

  2. Pat Robertson is soooo out to lunch….one among far too many, who should not be left alone near a microphone..
    I am grateful that he cannot speak on behalf of me as a believer. There are a lot of leaders out there that are so out of touch with reality- the simple message of what Jesus says..’love your neighbor’!!yep..Jesus hung out with all sorts of people..He cared about them.All are valued..All have a voice..
    Unfortunately much of what I term “Churchianity” is rules by twits, loud brash bullies and selfish, greedy narsissists. Sunday morning Tv has a parade full..Basically a 1 percent takeover..supported by sleepy sheep 😦
    The good news is>>Many folks I’m talking to these days who are sincere, seeking to walk a spiritual way of life that is true, without pretense or hidden motives, who want to get out into communities to encourage and help in any way they can have had to go underground…Church is supposed to be a gathering of people-thats it.. but now it’s a different thing altogether..
    Churches are no longer ‘safe spaces’ that’s for sure..not for us..or anyone else
    I can only hope more will escape their clutches..sigh..

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