The General Strike…. Oakland Rises by standing as ONE!

Occupy Oakland is holding a general strike where thousands are expected to participate, including local business owners in the area. Although the strike wasn’t planned enough in advance to legally allow union members to strike they have expressed their solidarity and said employees may use their days off, or simply leave work early to join. RT’s Lucy Kafanov reports from Oakland.


2 comments on “The General Strike…. Oakland Rises by standing as ONE!

  1. Yes! Hurray! Occupy Oakland successfully shut down business for a day! All those businesses lose money for the day, and unless the owners are feeling altruistic and decide to pay their employees even though they didn’t actually DO anything that day, then they too lose money!

    A little bit o’ vandalism into the mix too? SURE! Not a big deal, just some graffiti and broken windows.

    Now, to the Port of Oakland, where we get to shut down business for everyone! 5th busiest port in the nation!? PFFT! Now its closed for the night! HA! Take that all you bad truck drivers and dock workers and everyone else who couldn’t work or complete your jobs today! Total cost of shutting down the dock: Not yet known, but you can bet its going to cost more than some grumpy old men in suits!

    And hey, what goes better with a strike than some more late night vandalism. Hell, we are apparently Occupiers, lets bust into this building and occupy! Fires on the streets? SURE! Make people NOT involved in our protest feel scared and their well being threatened? DEFINITELY! We ARE trying to send a message to the world after all. Attack some cops – hell yeah! But wait, its not right they fight back!

    If it wasn’t for the fact that it would actually cost lives, I wonder if the people that Occupy Oakland are endangering and hurting would rally against them. Thankfully, they have the police to try and maintain order, despite the danger to them.

    This Occupy Oakland movement has gotten out of hand – no, it isn’t everyone, but it has become a haven for those that are doing this crap. Early on it was a protest, then it degraded to a hazard, not its devolved into chaos. The good people of the group should go home, and leave the pathetic scum behind.

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