Rev. Jessie Jackson endorses Occupy Movement. Says its a continuation of The Civil Rights Movement

CNN's T.J. Holmes talks to Rev. Jesse Jackson about why he's supporting the Occupy Movement.

“We are Free but Not Equal”….

The Occupy Movement has gained yet another useful ally.  The Reverend Jessie Jackson endorses the Occupy Movement and concedes that is the natual continuation of The Civil Rights Movement.

ATLANTA(AP) — An emergency injunction request filed by Occupy Atlanta against the city of Atlanta in federal district court was denied Friday evening. The injunction sought to keep the city from kicking the group out of downtown’s Woodruff Park for a second time.

Occupy Atlanta, along with Rainbow-PUSH’s Joe Beasley and Georgia State Senator Vincent Fort filed a formal request for an emergency injunction against the city Friday, seeking to prevent the city from ousting Occupy Atlanta from the park. The group plans to assemble in the downtown park once again on Saturday.

US District Judge Timothy Batten signed an order Friday evening denying the group’s request, saying in part, “the court finds that the plantiffs have failed to carry their burdern of showing a substantial likelihood of prevailing on the merits of their claims.”

Earlier in the day on Friday, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and a group of Occupy Atlanta protesters took over the lobby of SunTrust Plaza in downtown Atlanta for about an hour.

The group sang protest songs during the takeover Friday afternoon at the Atlanta-based bank’s headquarters in downtown Atlanta. The building was shut down during the protest.

Adriane Harden of Jackson’s Rainbow/PUSH Coalition says the occupiers are protesting economic conditions and foreclosure rates across the country. After the protest, Jackson said that the movement should be about banks and financial conditions and not about clashes with mayors and police.


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