So Much for His Support….Ron Paul Flip Flops on The Occupy Movement,Says ‘Occupy’ All About ‘Handouts’

Well, being from Texas, you are bound to know someone that is a supporter of Ron Paul, and for a few days quite a few people in the Occupy Movement even suggested that he supported #OWS.  Let’s put that myth to rest right now!

CARROLL, Iowa -Ron Paul outlined what he believed was the difference between “Occupy Wall Street” and the “Tea Party.”  Rightwinger Ron Paul on the Occupy Wall Street protesters: “They’re scared to death they won’t get their handouts.”

Gone are The Days When Ron Paul Called the Occupy Movement “A Legitimate Effort”

“Some are demonstrating, because they’re scared to death they won’t get their handouts,” Paul said yesterday. “And the other half are demonstrating, because they’re sick and tired of paying for it. I’m on the side of sick and tired of paying for it.”

Paul’s popularity has risen since 2008 largely because of the Tea Party. He doesn’t lead in polling in any state, but he is routinely in the top three in states like Iowa and New Hampshire.

by Anthony Terrell and Domenico Montanaro

Published on Sunday, October 30, 2011 by NBC News


9 comments on “So Much for His Support….Ron Paul Flip Flops on The Occupy Movement,Says ‘Occupy’ All About ‘Handouts’

  1. Not all ‘Occupiers’ have the same view. I think the one’s who say they want wealth redistribution do so mistakenly, out of ignorance of real solutions. Welfare is not a solution, and government is inefficient and corrupt. It’s a mistake to say “the Occupy Movement want/believes…” – that is false collectivism; there are many minds.

    I support this movement because it serves as a platform for expression of ideas, and I imagine this movement evolving in the direction of true freedom (not welfare) as all the various perspectives circulate among the people.

    As a final note, I hope the progress of this movement isn’t held back by zealous worldviews and antiquated economic theories. It’s the objective that matters – a good life for all – which we have in common. The way to that objective is technical, not ideological.

  2. Maybe i’m confused here, but the video linked in this post has no such things being said in it. I’m not claiming that he didn’t say them, i’m just stating that i don’t know where, when, and etc of those “quotes” are coming from. Mind pointing me in the right direction?

  3. It’s not redistribution. Redistribution was when so many of our decent jobs were shipped overseas, and our young graduates (and their parents, as often as not) were stuck with “service sector” (read: poor pay, no benefits, no security) jobs, if any, while companies posted record profits and gave their top executives obscene salaries and perks. We’re not afraid of losing our handouts. We’re afraid that no matter how hard we work, we’ll never get ahead. We’re afraid that no matter how hard we study, there’ll be no job when we graduate. We’re afraid that even if we have a good job, one major illness will bankrupt us. We’re afraid that after giving years of our lives to the military, we will have nothing to come home to except unemployment and homelessness. A genuinely fair deal — that’s all we ask.

  4. All Paul does in the video is say that the protest is a “legitimate effort”, and his argument is based on the premise that these types of protests have occurred in the past. He understands their frustration and respects their right to express this emotion. His saying that the protest is a “legitimate effort” isn’t supporting the cause or refuting it; he’s simply saying that if “everyone knows what they’re doing”, this method is a “legitimate” way of getting things done, whether or not what they’re trying to get done is a cause he supports.

    Never once did he speak out “supporting” the movement. He simply expressed his understanding of the people’s frustration and his respect of their making a “legitimate” effort to bring about change.

  5. Ron Paul is a censored candidate and only candidate that is anti war and anti FED.

    I feel this post smears him as he never said anything negative about OWS in video, and in fact is aligned with them. I predict OWS movement will spread and elect him in a block vote because he represents the 99% more than any other candidate to date, and the fact he is censored in media is telling. the post also is untruthful about his straw polls and doesn’t mention he is the most supported candidate by active duty troops. The post has a feeling of professional agent type of smear. The video is in fact positive for OWS and Ron Paul is being careful to find out who the movement is, as he should be.

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