Will The “Black Bloc” hijack the otherwise peaceful Occupy Movement?

The "Black Bloc"

by Richard Emanuel

(Occupy Cyberspace/Reclaim America from The Lunatic Fringe!)

The “Black Bloc” is sometimes confused with an actual anarchist movement, but in reality it is a tactic long in use by protesters around the world, having it’s origins in Germany after the 1977  Brokdorf demonstration. The “Black Bloc” tactic, was developed in direct response to the police brutality experienced during these demonstrations, similar to what many Occupy Movement protesters are experiencing in various cities, most notably Oakland California.

Tactics of a black bloc can include vandalism, rioting and street fighting, demonstrating without a permit, misleading the authorities, assisting in the escape of people arrested by the police, administering first aid to persons affected by tear gas in areas where protesters are barred from entering, building barricades, and resisting the police. Property destruction carried out by black blocs tends to have symbolic significance: common targets include banks, institutional buildings, outlets for multinational corporations, gasoline stations, and video-surveillance cameras.

There may be several black blocs within a particular protest, with different aims and tactics. As an ad hoc group, they share no universally common set of principles or beliefs  apart from an adherence to–usually–radical left or autonomist values. A few radical right-wing groups, like some of the “autonomous nationalists” of Europe  or the Australian National-Anarchists have adopted “black bloc” tactics and dress.

But it seems that the tactic so widely in use by protesters around the world, might soon serve to derail the burgeoning peaceful Occupy Movement.  An example of this was seen during the Occupy Oakland  protests this week.  The message and goals of the main Occupy objectives have been overshadowed by the actions of a few “Black Bloc” protesters, almost as if their actions were scripted by Fox News or the very institutions and policies that we are protesting against. Perhaps the “Black Bloc” participants are really agents of the authorities.Regardless of who they may be working for or against, their tactics are giving the police yet another reason to suppress the demonstrations around the country, responding with even more brutal force than has already been encountered.

The question we should be asking ourselves is, does this tactic really further our cause, or just demonstrate to our opposition, that they were right all along?

Watch this Canadian Tv report, showing Undercover Police dressed as “Black Bloc” protesters.

Want more information about “Black Bloc”?

Try “Black Bloc” for Dummies FAQ here


3 comments on “Will The “Black Bloc” hijack the otherwise peaceful Occupy Movement?

  1. ‎*snicker* I thought that OWS was leaderless. If there is no leadership to “own” it, how can anyone else “hijack” it? Does the writer of this blog post speak for everyone nationwide who is involved in OWS?

    • Hey Jerry, Thanks for the comment. Although #OWS is a leaderless movement per se, it can and has already been attempted to be co-opted by various groups and politicians for their own gain…….. And yes, it can be taken off message easily, you don’t have to own anything to skew its results… As for speaking for the Movement worldwide….nationwide or other…lol I am just one man with an opinion, who ironically has been on both sides of this unique issue.

  2. Unless the OWS Protestors are going to start taking matter into their own hands and policing these asshats (Something that will damage the movement), then either OWS needs to keep in better standing with the police (So they can get in there to stop them without fear of reprisal from OWS) or the movement will fail because, despite trying to shift ALL the blame to these guys, they ARE pulling in OWS protestors who get caught in the moment.

    Y’all are becoming a haven for guys who want to do more than just shout and bother people – a predictable twist, but not one easily dismissed.

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