Karl Rove FINALLY gets his! Gets “Mic Checked” during speech : The #OWS Movement strikes again!

Mic Check! Karl Rove is the Architect. The Architect of OccupyIraq. The Architect of OccupyAfghanistan. The Architect of tax cuts for the 1%. The 99% think it’s time to #Occupy the Architect. To #Occupy the Architecture. Occupy Wall Street. Occupy Baltimore. Occupy Johns Hopkins. Occupy America. Liberate America. Occupy everything. Occupy everywhere. Occupy together. We are the 99%.”

Occupy Seattle protesters attacked and peppersprayed by Police

In Seattle, Washington, a march through the city’s downtown district late Tuesday turned grim after a pregnant 19-year-old girl who only gave her name as Jennifer was pepper-sprayed by police officers while participating in a peaceful protest. That same evening, Dorli Rainey, described by the Occupy Seattle movement as “a 4-foot 10-inch, 84-year-old woman” with ties to activist dating back decades, also became the victim of a pepper-spray assault from the Seattle Police Department.

Bloomberg Eviction Only Reinforces OWS Determination

Occupy Wall Street supporters will attempt to shut down Wall Street and New York subways

Reverend Billy and His Choir Re-Occupy Zuccotti Park

Jasiri X Performs ‘Occupy (We are the 99)

Just this month, Jasiri X was slated to appear at the University of Connecticut for a “political awareness rally” organized by the student government. But then was told that he would only be paid and allowed to attend if he didn’t perform his song, “Occupy (We are the 99)”, because it contained “obvious political statements”