Michael Moore Says Obama’s DOJ & DHS Are Coordinating The Destruction The Occupy Movement

Michael Moore expresses his suspicion that the DOJ and DHS are behind the coordinated evictions of the #OWS protesters.

One comment on “Michael Moore Says Obama’s DOJ & DHS Are Coordinating The Destruction The Occupy Movement

  1. DOJ do not even want to acknowledge that I sent correspondence, and they are not helping our family, Plz read about our situation and publish it if you can or help us anyway you can, Tks !!!
    For the last nine years I have been trying to expose corruption, Plz read my blog http://marinameadowsDOTwordpressDOTcom/, find out what is been done to our family, how the medicals records have been used to harm us, medications tampered, isolation, & manipulation of internet, mail & phones, how my 3 sons have been manipulated, the roll of the Police & Gov.Officials allowing this abuse mental, emotional & physical to go on for years, to cover all the wrong doing, No hesitation in destroying our whole family, adding that the father of my sons & his mother, both UK citizens passed away very sudden…??? Here we still suffering, almost collapsing without any one doing anything to help us; now after 3 months able to text a bit I come to understand how tainted & corrupted things are, manipulated by well-connected individuals, corporate executives & politically motivated Gov.Officials who simply buried the truth inside a shadow legal system inaccessible to everyday ordinary American citizens. So I give thanks to God for the strength given to us and for people that help make the truth come to light!!! By the way if any one out there with some humanity can do anything for us, we appreciate very much the help!!! We need a pro-bono Lawyer ASAP, my mother loosing her eye sight, and we all perishing………We exist !!!

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