The Main Stream Media and The ‘Costs’ of OWS

A new study has compiled some figures to see just how much Occupy Wall Street, with the extra police presence and so forth, has been costing cities and the mainstream media was sure to jump all over it. What’s interesting is that there’s no question as to whether cities spending this much has been warranted. Whether bringing out hundreds of police, using tear gas, flash grenades, having a massive police presence, was really necessary.


2 comments on “The Main Stream Media and The ‘Costs’ of OWS

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  2. Good point! The overreaction of municipalities across the nation has cost tremendous amounts of money, and for what ? For public safety? To protect the public from peaceful demonstrators? Or to balustrade monied class against the People? This behaviour mimics that of the Cossacks deployed against the Russian people a century ago. Didn’t work too well, that time, did it?

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