Occupy LA Protests Continue, Mayor Villaraigosa Keeps the Peace

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa seems to be keeping the peace in LA, but how long will the Occupy movement stay that way. Protestors are now staying in City Hall park past eviction, and the cities mandates can’t be ignored forever.


Occupy Protester: ‘It’s Important to Stay’

Dozens of tents remain at the Occupy Philly site, more than twelve hours after a city-imposed deadline for the protesters to move to make way for a construction project. No arrests have been reported. (Nov. 28)

The Streets Belong to The People! – Eviction Deadline Arrives and Passes but Protesters Remain at Occupy LA

Wall Street protesters in Los Angeles defied the mayor’s early Monday deadline to vacate their encampment near City Hall until police moved in about five hours later, cleared them out and arrested three people.