Current TV’s Vanguard releases Documentary “The 99 Percent” to air tonight!

In “The 99 Percent,” Vanguard correspondent Christof Putzel moves into Zuccotti Park to explore the Occupy Wall Street movement from the inside. Produced by Craig and Brent Renaud.

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Credits //Senior Executive Producer: Jim Fraenkel
Executive Producer: Adam Yamaguchi
Correspondent: Christof Putzel
Producers: Christof Putzel, Brent Renaud, Craig Renaud
Editors: Brent Renaud, Craig Renaud


Occupy Movement in Full Effect today across the US – Police arrest OWS protesters at World Financial Center

Police arrested OWS protester at a peaceful flash mob at World Financial Center and harass journalist who filmed the protest.

(NYT)At least 17 Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested on Monday at the World Financial Center, whose owner, Brookfield Properties, also owns Zuccotti Park, the public space where the protesters maintained an encampment for two months before being cleared by the police in mid-November.

“We thought we would come over and give Brookfield a direct message,” said Bill Dobbs, an Occupy Wall Street organizer.

About 200 protesters milled and chanted inside the center’s winter garden, a public atrium with soaring ceilings. They also stretched yellow adhesive tape marked with the word “Occupy” across the granite floor of the atrium. From a second-floor balcony, a banner was unfurled with the words “solidarity” and “west coast port shutdown,” in support of protests in cities like Oakland, Seattle and San Diego, where activists with the Occupy movement announced plans to blockade ports.

Onlookers peered from other parts of the balcony, or hurried across the main floor of the atrium, where protesters swirled in a circle.

Soon police officers arrived. A man wearing a suit, who would not say who he worked for announced: “If you do not leave, you will be arrested.”

A police commander said the man worked for Brookfield. A spokeswoman for the company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Robert Stolarik for The New York Times

A few minutes later, officers began herding protesters down a wide staircase in the atrium and pushed them toward a door. At one point, several officers pounced on a man on the ground. A moment later, officers chased another man through the atrium, cornering him near glass windows and arresting him.

Most of the protesters and several news reporters and photographers were pushed outside. But about 10 men and 7 women were placed in handcuffs inside the atrium, then removed and placed in police vehicles.

The protests began when a few hundred people assembled on Broadway, opposite Zuccotti Park, and marched to the Goldman Sachs headquarters nearby. Some of those on the march compared Goldman Sachs to a giant squid with tentacles that spread throughout the global financial system.

“We’re demonstrating the links between the excesses in finance and the excesses in industry,” said Aaron Bornstein, 31, a neuroscientist from Fort Greene, Brooklyn. “And the labor-busting power of industry.”

At least a dozen people were arrested.

After rallying outside the Goldman Sachs building on West Street while brandishing placards and papier-mâché replicas of squids, some of the protesters then headed to the World Financial Center.

(via COLIN MOYNIHAN – New York Times)

MIC CHECK!!!! – JP Morgan-Chase Mic-Checked at Princeton University

American’s Be Fruitful and OCCUPY!!!!

Occupy Princeton ( students mic-check a JP Morgan-Chase Treasury Services info session on December 7, 2011. This is the first direct action taken up by Occupy Princeton – more to come.

Full Script below:

“Princeton’s motto is:
In the nation’s service and service of all nations
JP Morgan-Chase, your actions violate our motto
Your predatory lending practices helped crash our economy
We’ve bailed out your executives’ bonuses
You’ve evicted struggling homeowners while taking their tax money
You support mountaintop removal mining in Appalachia
which destroys our ecological future
In light of these actions,
we protest the campus culture
that whitewashes the crooked dealings of Wall Street
as a prestigious career path.
We are here today
as a voice for the 99%
shut out by a system that punishes them
just for being born without privilege.
What we need is not a university for the 1%,
but a university “In the Nation’s Service,
and in the Service of All Nations.”

West Coast Port Shutdown – Occupy Portland successful in hampering port operations

(Occupy Portland) PORTLAND, Ore. – Today, rank and file union members, non-union workers, the unemployed, the retired, veterans, and other members of the 99% march on,”Wall Street on the Waterfront” at the Port of Portland. Organizers expect hundreds of people to mobilize to engage in a moving community picket of the terminals at the port, effectively shutting down the ports on this day.

The West Coast Port Shut Down specifically aims to disrupt business-as-usual for Wall Streeton the Waterfront.

Goldman Sachs, a well know Wall Street institution, is the majority shareholder of Stevedore Services of America (SSA), which provides services, equipment and labor at Terminal 2, and full operational management at Terminal 5 at the Port of Portland.LA port truck drivers are in a labor struggle with SSA for what the drivers term a ‘sweatshop on wheels’. 17,000 truck drivers are on strike in Los Angeles to demand their right to organize and for safe working conditions.

EGT is a multinational grain export corporation and another target of this action. Bunge Ltd is the largest partner in EGT who reported $2.5 billion in profit in 2010 and has direct ties to Wall Street. Locally, EGT is refusing to honor the Longshore worker union contract in Longview, WA.

“By shutting down work at the ports this one more day that Goldman Sachs and Wall Street firms are unable to create profit,” said Kari Koch, organizer with Shut Down the Ports Working Group of Occupy Portland. “We are picketing to say, Enough! We will not stand for corporate profits at the expense of working people, we will not stand for attacks on workers, and we will not allow our schools to be closed, social services slashed, and families to be impoverished by your greed!”

The community picket is organized by Occupy Portland with the support of rank and file union members. Occupy Portland has been engaging directly with rank and file port workers multiple times a day during the organizing; and numerous rank and file union members are active in the working group.

“The support from workers at the port has been incredible. We were out at the ports talking to workers multiple times a day during the organizing of this action and today we see them honoring the community picket,” says Jordan McIntyre rank and file union painter “Occupy is a place for union members, non-union, and the unemployed to gather together to change the inequality of wealth and power in our system.”

The Portland action is part of a West Coast Port shut down movement that is historic in scope. The West Coast Port Shut Down demonstrates a notable level of coordination between at least 30 different occupy movements across the country, including Oakland, Eugene, Seattle, Vancouver BC, Anchorage, and Longview, beyond the West Coast, Houston, TX, Honolulu, HI, and the Doro-Chiba railway workers in Japan will participate.

Occupy Movement Shows their economic strength with “Cash Mobs” – Buy only from Local Merchants

Sample of Cash Mob Event Flyer

Occupy Riverwest leads the way. Uses Cash Mobs To Support Local Businesses instead of multi-billion dollar corporations.

From their event page:

We at Occupy Riverwest will be spending our hard earned holiday money supporting local businesses in Riverwest who are part of the 99% and will be refraining from supporting big box corporate stores who enrich the 1% at our expense. As part of this support for local small businesses we will be encouraging all Occupy supporters to take part in our Cash Mob scheduled for Saturday, December 3rd.

A Cash Mob operates the same way as a flash mob with the big difference being why we appear. We will be appearing at a specific location to spend our hard earned money comfortably knowing that our money is supporting a local business that will undoubtedly reinvest in the surrounding community. We do not receive that same economic bounce when our money goes to a big box retailer (aka the 1%). Come and buy presents for the holiday season at Fischberger’s Variety! We are asking all who believe in this statement against the 1% to come and shop at Fischberger’s between 1:00 p – 5:00 p. on Saturday, December 3rd. We plan on having future Cash Mob events at other Riverwest businesses who support the 99%.

Cash Mob Information here

Sankalp Gosain ( writes:

Cash mobs for cash jobs.

We’re reasonable people. We know there’s little we can do to make anybody regularly patronize a ‘shmobs destination -that’s up to whether the business itself can win over the mobbing faithful.  And for all our wishes to the contrary, the one-day spike in business isn’t going to actually reverse the trajectory of a failing local business.

But what we can do is make it very, very appealing to walk in some shop’s door exactly once. Maybe the mob likes it and goes again, maybe the mob whips out their smartphones and leaves a hundred scathing reviews on Yelp before they’ve even left the building –that’s totally up to the whim of the mobbers and we wouldn’t have it any other way. However, in the same way that a store will hand out coupons or give away samples so customers will give them a shot, Cash Mobs can motivate the locally-minded into a store they might not have otherwise checked out (see “appeal of partying”). And like any other loss-leader, this just might mean a whole bunch of newly-minted repeat customers –something that actually can move a local biz into the black.

But wait, there’s more.

Now when other might-be entrepreneurs in town catch wind of their mobbing neighbors’ open-minded, ‘try anything once’ approach to fledgling enterprises you can sure bet they’ll be more inclined to taking the plunge and set up shop.

And that’s when the magic happens. Cue the chairman of the Federal Reserve…

Ben Bernanke: “Small businesses are central to creating jobs in our economy; they employ roughly one half of all Americans and account for about 60 percent of gross job creation, newer small businesses, those less than two years old, are especially important: Over the past 20 years, these start-up enterprises accounted for roughly one quarter of gross job creation even though they employed less than 10 percent of the workforce.”

Tim Kane, senior fellow at the Kauffman Foundation: “Start-ups are responsible for all net job growth in the U.S. economy. During years of recession, net job losses grow at existing firms—those a year and older—while job creation at start-ups stays stable. Start-ups create an average of 3 million new jobs annually, all other ages of firms, including companies in their first full years of existence up to firms established two centuries ago, are net job destroyers, losing 1 million jobs net combined per year.”

When you support the local guys they stick around. And as the Cash Mob swells and word of this “give ‘em a shot” attitude spreads, new businesses and jobs pop up.

So Mob in your town. Help businesses survive and thrive in your town. And watch as the elusive job fairy is lured – you guessed it – to your town.

If you buy it, they will come.

Anonymous’ LulzXmas – Season’s Greetings retrospective from Anonymous, packed with an ominous warning

Anonymous sends out it’s Christmas Greetings in a Video Retrospective.  Is this only the beginning? Count on it!

“@YourAnonNews: ANONYMOUS LULZXMAS VIDEO: We made a list, checked it twice. Gonna find out what companies have been naughty…not nice.”

It was an epic year, isn’t it?
Well, LulzXmas is coming to town.
Stay tuned!

“A government afraid of its citizens is a Democracy. Citizens afraid of government is tyranny!”

Thomas Jefferson