The latest operation revealed by Anonymous: Operation Anti-Sec

Anonymous reveals its latest operation, which may have  already taken down its first target in Austin Texas.

Greetings from Anonymous,

For the past decade, the government has tried to take control of our internet ocean. In an effort to stop these acts of injustice, Anonymous has joined collective forces with LulzSec in our newest operation, #Antisec. We are sending our fleet to fight alongside the Lulz boat to reclaim what is rightfully the peoples. We encourage anyone and everyone, to man their vessels and charge their lasers.

We encourage defacement’s of the enemies websites, and use of the word antisec on any and every website or pro censorship group. Any exposed intelligence the enemy decides to withhold from us, should be brought to light. It’s time to show the corrupt governments of the world that they have no right to censor what they do not own.

Anyone and everyone is strongly urged to join our fleet through rough waters in our attempts to restore the tainted internet sea. No matter your skin color, origin, or beliefs, we invite you to join us in our fight against censorship and corrupt governments.

Come aboard or walk the plank.

We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive corrupt governments.
We do not forget censorship injustices.
Expect us!

LeakSource writes…….

The global activist hacking group Anonymous claims to have obtained thousands of credit card numbers and personal information from the high-profile clients of a leading analytical intelligence company, all in the name of charity.

Up to $1 million was reportedly stolen from Stratfor, in Austin, Texas, a leading provider of military, economic and political analysis for clients that include Apple and the U.S. Air Force.

“#AntiSec plundered 200gb of their mails and more booty,” read a tweet by @AnonymousIRC on Saturday.

Anonymous, an online community with no hierarchical organization, had been working with the hacking group Lulzsec on a series of hacking attacks it called Operation Anti-Security, or Operation AntiSec. The operation began in June 2011, with an attack on the Serious Organized Crime Agency, the U.K.’s national law enforcement agency. Since then, attacks have targeted the governments of Brazil, Tunisia and Zimbabwe, NATO, various U.S. law enforcement websites and Fox News.

Anonymous promised that the attack on Stratfor was just the beginning of an assault on a long list of targets.

“#Antisec has enough targets lined up to extend the fun fun fun of #LulzXmas throught the entire next week,” @AnonymousIRC tweeted.

In a statement released today, Anonymous said, “Tomorrow, we will be dropping another enormous dump on our next target: the entire customer database from an online military and law enforcement supply store.”

The group said Stratfor was “clueless … when it comes to database security,” noting that many passwords were merely the company’s name.

Stratfor’s website is currently shut down, with the message, “Site is currently undergoing maintenance.”

The company is participating in an ongoing investigation with law enforcement, including the FBI, Kyle Rhodes, the public relations manager, told ABC News.

Stratfor warned its clients against publicly supporting the company: “It’s come to our attention that our members who are speaking out in support of us on Facebook may be targeted for doing so and are at risk of having sensitive information repeatedly published on other websites.”

Anonymous says the stolen money will be donated to various charities, like a modern-day Robin Hood. Receipts the group posted show donations to the Red Cross and Save the Children Foundation.

Whatever their motivation,  Anonymous has  proven time and again that their type of activism is almost impossible to counter, will ultimately get their point across, and garner plenty of media attention while doing so.  You would think that some of these businesses would be listening by now, but a hard head makes for a soft ass!

American’s Be Fruitful and OCCUPY!!!

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