Occupy The New Hampshire Primary – The Planning and Execution

Behind the scenes coverage of “Occupy The New Hampshire Primary” planning meeting and video of the first day of the protest.


Occupy the New Hampshire Primary Granny D’s Last Speech read by 90 year old Occupier!

A 90 year old Occupy sympathiser reads Granny D‘s final speech, a work written before the beloved New Hampshire proponent of campaign reform passed away.

Occupy LSX Take Over Unused Courthouse, Planning Mock Trial for 1%

Members of the Occupy London Stock Exchange movement have taken over a disused courthouse in the city, where they plan to hold mock trials of corporations and politicians who they believe need to be brought to justice. Although symbolic in nature, the cases will be heard by a retired judge and arguments made by professional lawyers.

Anonymous Expression’s “We Are Legion for We are Many (The 99%)

The Social Revolution is our Evolution.

This is our stand for positive social change in our society for us and future generations.

No more silence, no more complacency.