Who Dropped The SOPA? – Why The MSM has virtually ignored SOPA/PIPA just 1 day after the major protest against it!

Something really big happened yesterday, where hundreds of websites blacked out their content in protest of these two really bad pieces of legislation working their way through the House and the Senate but the mainstream media seemed to have forgotten all about it today. Yesterday Alyona was half heartedly congratulating the mainstream media for finally paying attention to SOPA and Protect IP, but as she predicted yesterday, that didn’t last long.

Rick Sanchez: The power of us is becoming more powerful than money in politics

From the GOP debates to the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act, there are many different things going on in the US. From the Occupy Wall Street protests, to the thousands of websites protesting SOPA and PIPA yesterday, it is evident Americans are looking for change.