Romney thugs throw out the 99% from his CPAC 2012 speech

Here is just another taste of what a Romney Presidency would ultimately look like.  He has no clue what the 99% are going through, and he tends to see America through altruistic rose colored glasses.  It doesn’t matter that millions are out of work and millions more are losing their homes, as long as his dividend checks keep rolling in, all will be fine.  Check out footage of the 99% getting roughed up and ejected from Romney’s 2012 CPAC speech.

One comment on “Romney thugs throw out the 99% from his CPAC 2012 speech

  1. Reblogged this on TheSaltyDawg and commented:
    This closed-mindedness makes me sick! Why (more like HOW) can people (other humans) say that people aren’t working because they’re just sitting on their ass! I WORKED outside, doing land surveying for 9 years and was laid off BY MY OWN FATHER due to lack of work. This PRICK probably literally SITS on his ASS and makes triple what I did. If we switched lives we’d probably both be dead, him from working outside and me from getting bored as SHIT! Be glad you HAVE A JOB and QUIT making people out to be lazy, thinking that’s what’s ruining this country! IDEAS LIKE THAT ARE!

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