Did Anonymous Just Apologize to the CIA? Watch their newest communication here and decide for yourself (w/video)

Citizens of the World,

We are Anonymous.
We are people.   Just like you.

We are not robots.

We are human.

We are everyone.

That said. 

We have the capacity errors of judgment and mistakes that everyone does.

We are committed to improving the lives of everyone on this planet by whatever means deemed necessary because if we have to take action to right a wrong, it has gone on entirely too long. If that is the case, the people who should have handled it have ignored it. Those people have much higher budgets and significantly larger resource pools than we do. All we have is each other for good or bad. Some use the Anonymous name to try to “Profit!” off it, some use it for nefarious reasons, and we’ve even seen some use it to try to get laid. Regardless of the reason it is used, we unite under common goals for the common good.

There are projects we are working on that we shall not discus as to do so would influence them negatively and significantly. However, even those of us working for good sometimes make very bad rash ill thought-out decisions.

Such is the case of one anonymous individual. We will leave it at this.

To the CIA: We are sorry your website is down. It was not the intended purpose of #APH actions. However, such event created significant amount of attention to a situation that goes unnoticed far too often.

Six compromised servers containing child pornography are actively DDOSing your web server. We cannot stop this, we have no access to them, because the network link is entirely saturated and we cannot log back in. It will stop 41.6 days after the time it began. Your only choice is to act and have them taken offline, which should have already happened.

We are legion,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget…

You should have expected us…you damn kiddie diddlers!


Say It Ain’t So! – Andrew Breitbart Loses It At Occupy Protesters

Everybody’s favorite media whipping boy Andrew Breitbart, thinks he is a one man army, and tries in vain to take on Occupy Protesters at CPAC 2012.

from The Huffington Post……..

Andrew Breitbart is angry.

On Friday night, the conservative muckraker accosted activists who were protesting the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference. Emily Crockett of Campus Progress was on hand to capture the remarkable tirade on video.

Breitbart screamed at the protesters to ‘behave yourself’ repeatedly. He also called the protesters freaks and animals and told them to ‘stop raping people.’

Occupy Protestors and Attendees Clash at CPAC 2012

Hundreds of young protesters and union workers swarmed the driveways of the Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, DC, twice on Friday, “occupying” outside the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC.

The first protest kicked off around noon and was complete with an inflatable “fat cat,” tents, and banners. Protestors—largely comprised of members of Our DC, the Teamsters, United Auto Workers, the AFL-CIO, and Occupy DC—generally kept to the sidewalk away from the hotel’s entrance.

Protestors tried to gain entry to the conference hotel at one point but were largely blocked by police.

The second protest, later Friday evening, was intended to coincide with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s keynote address at CPAC. Police and hotel security formed a wall between CPAC attendees and protestors, who shout back and forth at each other, though the overall scene remained mostly peaceful. The only chant both sides agreed on was a simple: “USA! USA! USA!”

Around 6 p.m., after occupiers clashed briefly with police, conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart made his way into the crowd and began verbally assailing the protesters, calling them “freaks and animals” and shouting “Stop raping people!” Campus Progress has exclusive video of the incidenthere.

In his speech, Walker said he was giving public employees the “right to choose” when he pushed through a law in 2011 that ended most collective bargaining rights for public workers.

Since then, Walker has remained an easy target against whom union members nationwide have organized. Making recall effort history, union organizers collected one million signatures in 60 days calling for Walker’s ouster.

Occupy DC is planning another protest for mid-day Saturday outside CPAC.

re-posted Campus Progress  from article by Naima Ramos-Chapman associate editor at Campus Progress.