Aren’t sure Walmart needs to pay higher wages

George Zimmerman Under GPS Monitoring After Domestic Violence Dispute


A Florida judge ordered George Zimmerman to wear a GPS monitoring device Tuesday after his arrest Monday for allegedly pulling a gun on his girlfriend and trying to choke her.

Zimmerman, who was acquitted in the high-profile death of Trayvon Martin earlier this year, was charged with aggravated assault and battery in his latest legal trouble, and bail was set at $9,000, the Orlando Sentinelreports. The judge also ordered Zimmerman not to contact his girlfriend or go to her home, and barred him from possessing guns or ammunition. Zimmerman’s lawyer said he is “maintaining his innocence.”

The former Sanford, Fla., neighborhood watch volunteer was arrested Monday when his girlfriend called 911. Prosecutors said Tuesday that he pointed a gun at her.

Zimmerman was previously acquitted of murdering Martin, an unarmed teenager, in a case that captured national attention and sparked debates on race, guns and self-defense laws.


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Wendy Davis supports abortion-rights but goal is ‘zero’

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(CNN) — Texas state Sen. and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis continues to support women’s abortion rights but she wants to reduce the number of abortions, she told a CNN affiliate Monday.

“The goal that we should have is that we see zero abortions,” Davis told KGBT. “But in order to achieve that goal we have to make sure that women are receiving the kind of healthcare and planning that they deserve.”

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FCC eases rules on foreign ownership of TV and radio stations

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Tom WheelerFrom The LA Times:

The Federal Communications Commission wants to encourage more foreign ownership of television and radio stations.

Currently, there is a 25% cap on a foreign company or individual when it comes to owning a stake in a broadcast property. While the cap is not being loosened per se, the FCC said on Thursday that if an investment exceeded 25%, it could still be approved.

“The ruling potentially removes obstacles to new capital investment, which will support small business, minority, and female broadcast ownership, and spur innovation,” the FCC said in announcing that it was clarifying its foreign ownership policy.

The agency said the tweak “does not alter the FCC’s obligation to protect the public interest, including national security, localism and media diversity, in case-by-case reviews of each transition.”

The move is one of the first signed off on by new FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, who was sworn…

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Father Wants Image of Slain Son Off Google Maps


A California man has succeeded in getting Google to remove an aerial image on its Maps service that pictures his son’s body after he was shot and killed in 2009.

The Google Maps image shows what appears to be police standing beside railroad tracks near the body of Kevin Barrera, the 14-year-old son of Richmond, Calif. resident Jose Barrera, KTVU reports. The younger Barrera was killed in 2009, and the crime has never been solved.

Jose Barrera, who learned about the image last week, said he’d like it taken down out of respect for his son.

Google Maps Vice President Brian McClendon said in a statement Monday that the company has never done an unscheduled replacement of satellite images — most are replaced every one to three years — but would make an exception in this case and have a new image up in eight days, the Associated Press reports

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3 hurdles Obamacare fix must overcome

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New York (CNNMoney) — President Obama now says that it’s okay with him for people to keep their individual health insurance plans for another year. But he doesn’t have the power to renew their policies.

Under attack after insurers terminated non-Obamacare compliant policies for millions of Americans, Obama said Thursday the administration will allow state insurance commissioners and insurers to extend current policies through 2014 even if they don’t meet all the health reform requirements.

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Hagel Denounces States Denying Same-Sex Military Benefits


Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel had stern words Thursday for states defying Pentagon policy by refusing to issue ID cards to same-sex spouses at National Guard facilities.

“This is wrong,” he told a gathering at the Anti-Defamation League centennial dinner in New York.

Nine states are currently running afoul of Pentagon policy by refusing to issue same-sex spouse IDs at National Guard posts: Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and West Virginia, the Associated Press reports. The policy forces couples to travel to federal facilities to obtain the IDs, which are needed to get the benefits to which military couples, including same-sex couples, are now entitled to under law. The Department of Defense lifted its ban on gays serving openly in the military in September 2011, and the Supreme Court struck down part of a federal law denying federal benefits to same-sex couples last year.

“Not only…

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