Hillary Clinton Plans To Campaign Against Uber’s Contractor Economy


As if Uber needed more enemies. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will blast contractor-fueled companies for repressing middle-class wage growth in a speech tomorrow laying out her economic policies, according to an outline of the talk attained by Politico’s Michael Grunwald.

Clinton plans to make raising middle class incomes a focus of her campaign, and will lay out her strategy at The New School in Manhattan on Monday. Along with globalization and automation, Clinton will peg the sharing economy as “conspiring against sustainable wage growth”, according to Politico. The report says “she will argue that policy choices have contributed to the problem, and that she can fix it.”

uber-robot1The logic seems to be that if big job creators are only offering contractor positions that typically lack the benefits, advancement opportunities, and job security of full-time positions, they don’t contribute to building a country with sustainable wage growth. Before, full-time…

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