President Obama Speaks – Resurgence of the American Auto Industry

President Obama speaks at the United Auto Workers Annual Conference about the success of the auto industry, which is creating jobs and making profits after nearly collapsing before the President took office. February 28, 2012.


Say It Ain’t So! – Andrew Breitbart Loses It At Occupy Protesters

Everybody’s favorite media whipping boy Andrew Breitbart, thinks he is a one man army, and tries in vain to take on Occupy Protesters at CPAC 2012.

from The Huffington Post……..

Andrew Breitbart is angry.

On Friday night, the conservative muckraker accosted activists who were protesting the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference. Emily Crockett of Campus Progress was on hand to capture the remarkable tirade on video.

Breitbart screamed at the protesters to ‘behave yourself’ repeatedly. He also called the protesters freaks and animals and told them to ‘stop raping people.’

Occupy 101 – The 7 Biggest Economic Lies – a lesson by Robert Reich

Robert Reich reveals the 7 biggest lies about the economy.