Occupy SF Creates Monument From Police Barricades

San Francisco, CA, Dec 2, 2011. The day after a major police raid on Occupy SF, a raid that was stopped in mid progress, occupiers created a monument using the abandoned police barricades. Protesters say San Francisco police made an “honorable retreat”, stopping the raid when they realized what they were doing against the citizenry was wrong. Occupiers cheerfully went about their business of operating the camp.

This was one of a series of city actions trying to minimize or remove the camp. There has been some discussion about the city moving the group to the Mission District, but nothing has been done so far. The power station, art studio, yoga lessons, food delivery all continued to operate. Many of the residents believe that the city/police actions have helped them by continually drawing attention to them. OccupySF is at Bradley Manning Plaza (formerly known as Justin Herman Plaza, across from the SF Ferry Building), and a block away in front of the Federal Reserve, 101 Market St, San Francisco, CA. Business suits have been wandering through, asking questions. The San Francisco Chronicle, December 2, 2011, reported a slightly different version of the raid than how it was described by the occupiers. In addition to the main protest effort, OccupySF is providing shelter and some care for San Francisco’s large population of homeless and those with mental illness and/or drug problems.

#OWS Weekend Wrap-up

In Oakland, cops cleared an encampment located at 19th and Telegraph Avenue this morning. Despite the fact that police showed up in riot gear, barring protesters from their camp, no arrests or injuries were reported. In San Francisco, six demonstrators were arrested and many still fear that the main Occupy camp at Justin Herman Plaza, will suffer the same fate as the one that was raided in front of the Federal Reserve building. Occupy Boston has been labeled one of the best established locations throughout the country. A temporary court order has prevented police from breaking down the Dewey Square encampment within Boston’s financial district.