“Four Ways Fox News Manipulates You”

Fox News using manipulation tactics?? Say it ain’t so! Even though you might have already heard about these tricks, I bet you haven’t heard them with this many curse words!

OccupyDC tries to perform a citizens arrest on a Fox News Van

OccupyDC amuses itself by performorning a citizens arresst on an illegally parked and already ticketed Fox News Van.

Recorded at the northwest corner of 17th and K St on January 30th, 2012.

Operation Fox Hunt: In Response to the Anti-Occupy Wall Street Propaganda, Anonymous targets Fox News

Could Anonymous be targeting the Granddaddy of all Right-Wing Media Fox News? Let's Hope So.

Web Sources point to Anonymous possibly targeting the Fox News Network. ¬†All i can say is… It’s about time! Expect Us!

[Disclaimer: The validity of this videos  content has yet to be confirmed]