OccupyDC tries to perform a citizens arrest on a Fox News Van

OccupyDC amuses itself by performorning a citizens arresst on an illegally parked and already ticketed Fox News Van.

Recorded at the northwest corner of 17th and K St on January 30th, 2012.

Occupy London Attacked! – Bailiff plows car through non-violent protesters

Police in London have been accused of excessive force in their efforts to clear out Occupy demonstrators. Protesters stood together last night as officers broke down the doors to their camps.

Occupy LSX Take Over Unused Courthouse, Planning Mock Trial for 1%

Members of the Occupy London Stock Exchange movement have taken over a disused courthouse in the city, where they plan to hold mock trials of corporations and politicians who they believe need to be brought to justice. Although symbolic in nature, the cases will be heard by a retired judge and arguments made by professional lawyers.

Roger Waters and the “Occupy” Movement

Roger Waters express his support for #OWS.

Occupy Theater – Occupy London stage reading of Dickens to highlight inequality

The ‘Occupy London‘ protesters stage a reading of the Charles Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol” on the steps of St Paul’s cathedral, drawing parallels between inequalities in Victorian Britain and now.

The News Report

Occupy London’s “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens 

Occupy London writes……..

This recording of the last half hour begins with the Ghost of Christmas Future. The camera is shaky, but not bad for hand-held from the back of the audience, and the sound is OK. As for the readings, they’re brilliant! Give it a couple of minutes and you’ll forget the technical flaws.

This was the published announcement:

“Occupy London presents a reading of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol — 6pm Friday 30 December at the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral

Adapted by: Timberlake Wertenbaker
Directed by: Josh Appignanesi
Readers will include: Allan Corduner, Alan Cox, Sara Kestleman, Pam Miles, Tim Pigott-Smith, Ian Redford. Plus further special guests to be announced
Produced by: Occupy London

As Dickens’ bicentennial approaches, it seems only fitting for Occupy London to stage a public reading of A Christmas Carol at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Dickens was compelled to write A Christmas Carol out of a strong desire to comment on the enormous gap between the rich and poor in Victorian Britain. It is a similar strength of conviction that has motivated the growth of the Occupy movement to work to transform the growing social, economic and political injustices of our time.

As Giles Fraser, former canon of St Paul’s Cathedral said: “Christmas is the most political of the Church’s festivals … all politics is about people, and without a fundamental sympathy for the plight of other human beings, and in particular for the dispossessed, no political movement for social change is ever going to capture the heart.

“For Dickens, Christmas was the emotional centre of the big society. Peace on earth and goodwill to all.”

In the preface to his book, Dickens conveys his intentions: “I have endeavoured in this Ghostly little book, to raise the Ghost of an Idea, which shall not put my readers out of humour with themselves, with each other, with the season, or with me. May it haunt their houses pleasantly …”

Occupy London invites all to join in the playfulness and seriousness of the Christmas spirit, and to ‘haunt pleasantly’ in a way that calls attention to the reality that our status quo is unsustainable and unjust.

James Sevitt, supporter of Occupy London said: “We are here, like Dickens, to creatively disrupt, and to make Christmas mean something beyond a consumerist spending frenzy. This Christmas, and in the year ahead, we invite you to combine irreverent fun with spiritual contemplation and a continuation of the fight against social and economic injustice and the creation of real, direct democracy. Please join us.”

Bravo Occupy London…. Bravo!

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Occupy protesters have their day in federal court

Two Austin Occupy protesters are suing the city of Austin in federal court Wednesday morning claiming their ban on protesters who are arrested violates their rights to free speech.


Occupy London evolves with new political ambition

It has been months since the global Occupy movement began in New York and spread across the world.  In London, protesters are still camped out near St Paul’s Cathedral in the hub of the city. Their tented compound has begun to look like a permanent fixture, even though its size has not grown.  The movement needs to gather more traction, and get more people involved. Some of the organizers have even discussed turning it into a political party.  For now, the movement’s tactics remain the same, but with these new ambitions, Occupy London could soon be evolving into something else.

Reverend Jesse Jackson addresses Occupy London using the “Human Mic” at St Paul’s Cathedral

Rev, Jessie Jackson, Civil Rights pioneer/activist and anti-poverty campaigner tells the Occupy London movement at St Paul’s Cathedral to “stand up and fight back”.

UK Authorities re-classify the Occupy Movement as “Domestic Terrorists”. Will The United States follow their lead?

The Occupy Movement is scaring the crap out of Conservatives, Right-Wingers, and The Corporate world; and it seems they are trying any underhanded tactic to undermine the movements success.  The latest salvo in the Anti-Occupy crusade comes from London, where The City of London Police have now reclassified the Occupy Movement, as “Domestic Terrorists” on par with Al Qaeda, and many United States Law Enforcement Agencies including local police departments, across the country may soon be following their lead.

 Seriously, we all remember images of Gun toting Tea party protesters brandishing their weapons at nearly every rally during the Health Care debate, yet they were never classified as extremist or even a threat, but the unarmed peaceful Occupy protesters somehow pose a terrorism threat?  What The Fuck Ever!

A Report from London’s “The Independent” states….

The City of London Police force was facing criticism last night after including the Occupy London demonstration in a letter warning businesses about potential terrorist threats.

The letter, a “Terrorism/Extremism Update”, lists al-Qa’ida, the Colombian dissidents Farc, and Belarusian terrorists who bombed the Minsk underground. It also lists Occupy London under the heading “Domestic”.

It states: “It is likely that activists aspire to identify other locations to occupy, especially those they identify with capitalism. City of London Police has received a number of hostile reconnaissance reports concerning individuals who would fit the anti-capitalist profile. All are asked to be vigilant regarding suspected reconnaissance, particularly around empty buildings.”

An Occupy London spokesman said: “Activism is not a crime and the desire to participate in democratic decision-making should not be a cause for concern for the police in any free society.

“An institution that confuses active citizens with criminals and equates al-Qa’ida with efforts to reimagine the city is an institution in danger of losing its way.”

A police source said the letter was authentic but was poorly worded and never meant to imply demonstrators posed a terrorist threat.

A spokesman for City of London Police said: “City of London Police works with the community to deter and detect terrorist activity and crime in the City in a way that has been identified nationally as good practice. We’ve seen crime linked to protests in recent weeks, notably around groups entering office buildings, and with that in mind we continue to brief key trusted partners on activity linked to protests.”

Quote by KEVIN RAWLINSON  – The Independent

Commentary by Richard O. Emanuel Jr. – Occupy Cyberspace/Reclaim America from The Lunatic Fringe!

“I’ll Occupy”: The 99 is Pissed and We Will Not Be Dismissed! – another Great New Movement Theme song

The Occupy Movement has inspired many songs…. this is one of the most creative.

I first was pepper sprayed
Just standing on the side
But it took me being blinded
to open up up my eyes
Cause I’d read the daily news,
and not responded actively
and I realized then and there
this revolution needed me

So here I am,
camped in a tent
Which is really so convenient
cause I can’t afford my rent
But they came with shields and mace
In the night while it was dark
A NYPD army
Sent to clear Zuccotti Park

We’ll protest on, with catchy phases
We’re going global
From London to Uc Davis
If you think that your batons are going to get us to go home
GO on and hit me, I’ll just upload it from my phone.

Until I die,
I’ll occupy
As long I know how to sit
And hold this heavy sign
cause the 99 is pissed
and we will not BE dismissed
I’ll occupy
I’ll occupy
hell yeah

Call us “hippies” call us “homeless,”
yeah we’re fed it.
And we “don’t know what we want,”
to our discredit.
But if you’re reading all the news, funded by the corporations
Its no mystery
How you’ve missed our declaration

We’re armed too
Yeah, we’ve got twitter
We’re a techno savvy nation
And we’re bitter
There’s no Marie Antoinette
We’re dragging to the Guillotine
Got non-violence, you bet!
Cause we aim to keep this clean

We will not go! Bring on the snow!
Got your faceless cooperate body
One peaceful badass foe
We’re awake, we saw Wall-e, and you know we’re organized
Did you think we’d crumble?
Did you think we’d lay down and not try?

Until I die,
I’ll occupy
As long I know how to sit
And hold this heavy sign
cause the 99 is pissed
and we will not be dismissed
I’ll occupy
I’ll occupy
HELL yeah
HELL yeah!

We’re off our Meds, we’re watching Ted
And we’re into Zombie culture,
But we’re not the walking dead
If you want to fight for justice join the masses, we are strong
And it wouldn’t hurt to take a
minute to repost this song!

Until we die,
We’ll occupy
As long we know how to sit
And hold these heavy sign
cause the 99 is pissed
and we will not be dismissed
We’ll occupy
We’ll occupy
HELL yea