Is this really America? – Occupy Bishop arrested, wife beaten…

Last weekend – patriots with the movement attempted to set up a new occupation in New York City – near Trinity Church – one of the oldest churches in the city. But that effort was blocked – when the church refused to give sanctuary to the movement – and the NYPD moved in. Bishop Packard and his wife Brook Packard – who were also on hand for last week’s demonstrations, and were arrested and beaten.

Occupy London evolves with new political ambition

It has been months since the global Occupy movement began in New York and spread across the world.  In London, protesters are still camped out near St Paul’s Cathedral in the hub of the city. Their tented compound has begun to look like a permanent fixture, even though its size has not grown.  The movement needs to gather more traction, and get more people involved. Some of the organizers have even discussed turning it into a political party.  For now, the movement’s tactics remain the same, but with these new ambitions, Occupy London could soon be evolving into something else.

Awwww! Did His Wittle Feewings get hurt? – JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, “Stop Bashing the Rich”

We must have struck a nerve…. Hurt his wittle feewings…. or just hit him with the facts too hard.  Although Jamie Dimon is not the first 1%er to complain of  the Occupy Movements consistent drumbeat against the excesses and corruption of the rich, he is someone who is in a position at a worldwide financial firm, who could make a real difference if he wanted to…. But that’s just it, he doesn’t.  As long as his pockets are lined with everyone else’s cash, he’s just fine, or he was until the Occupy Movement came along. CEO’s like Dimon will either change, or become an endangered financial species. – Occupy Cyberspace – American Autumn

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(CNBC) Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, is railing against bashing the rich.

Dimon was responding to a question at an investor conference about the hostile political environment towards banks.

“Acting like everyone who’s been successful is bad and that everyone who is rich is bad — I just don’t get it,” said Dimon at the conference, which was organized by Goldman Sachs [GS 100.47    -4.66  (-4.43%)   ].

Big banks, and CEOs like Dimon, have come under fire from Occupy Wall Street and other protesters who are disgruntled about income inequality and feel that big corporations — financial institutions in particular — have undue influence on government. In fact, last month, the protesters in New York targeted Dimon specifically, marching to his apartment and the residences of other wealthy New Yorkers.

Dimon said he’s worked on Wall Street for much of his life and contributed his fair share.

“Most of us wage earners are paying 39.6 percent in taxes and add in another 12 percent in New York state and city taxes and we’re paying 50 percent of our income in taxes,” Dimon said in defense of his fellow Wall Street bankers.

By: AP with Reuter

Jackson Browne and Dawes Perform ‘I Am A Patriot’ at Occupy Wall Street

On the afternoon of December 1st, 2011, Jackson Browne and Dawes played an acoustic set in solidarity with the occupiers at Liberty Square. Prior to his set, Browne announced that “We’re here to express our solidarity and stand with the occupiers.”

‘I Am A Patriot’ lyrics:

And the river opens for the righteous

I was walking with my brother
And he wondered what’s on my mind
I said what I believe in my soul
Ain’t what I see with my eyes
And we can’t turn our backs this time

I am a patriot
And I love my county
Because my country is all I know
I want to be with my family
The people who understand me
I’ve got nowhere else to go

And the river opens for the righteous
And the river opens for the righteous
And the river opens for the righteous

And I was talking with my sister
She looked so fine
I said, “Baby, what’s on your mind?”
She said, “I want to run like the lion
Released from the cages
Released from the rages
Burning in my heart tonight.”

And I ain’t no communist
And I ain’t no capitalist
And I ain’t no socialist
And I ain’t no imperialist
And I ain’t no democrat
And I ain’t no republican
I only know one party
And it is freedom

I am, I am, I am
I am a patriot
And I love my country
Because my county is all I know

And the river opens for the righteous
And the river opens for the righteous
And the river opens for the righteous

And the river opens for the righteous . . .

— By Steven Van Zandt

Breaking News: Inside Occupy Wall Street’s (#OWS) New York Office (updated)

Occupy Wall Street protestors were cleared out of Zuccotti Park, but Now they are working in an office right next to Wall Street.  The Movement hasn’t changed, it has just gained a clearer focus. Help us grow, or hide and watch!

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Occupy Apple Pie: #OWS Thanksgiving protest

Occupy movements around US have celebrated Thanksgiving holiday at makeshift encampments. In New York, Occupy organizers have been handing out thousands of Thanksgiving meals at Zuccotti Park, where the protest movement began on Sept. 17 before spreading nationwide. 

Occupy the Highway! The latest news on Occupy Wall Street

The latest developments on the Occupy Wall Street‘s march from New York to the capitol building in Washington, D.C. in efforts of protesting the Super Committee’s failure to reach an agreement of cutting trillions of dollars toward the deficit.

Is Freedom of the press under attack at OWS movements?

Members of the press have been harassed, assaulted and ever arrested for covering the Occupy Wall Street movement. Since the movement began a total of 26 reporters have found themselves behind bars. Thirteen of the26 reporters were arrested last week in New York City. Is freedom of the press a thing of the past? Susie Cagle, independent journalist, tells us what it was like to get arrested for covering the Occupy movement.

Cops use Shock & Awe tactics used in Afghanistan in an attempt to devastate #OWS

Hundreds of arrests and multiple injuries are the result of the massive ‘day of action’ across the U.S. by the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Tens of thousands of activists against corporate greed took part in rallies in key cities across the United States, marking two months of the movement.

But several met with a heavy police response. Officers in riot gear, armed with batons and shields were accused of brutality against mostly-peaceful demonstrators. The focal point was, of course, New York, where crowds took to bridges, the subway and tried to disrupt the Stock Exchange to make their frustration heard. RT spoke with Felipe Messina, a correspondent for the independent Media Roots news organization, who believes police are purposefully going beyond the call of duty to nip the protests in the bud.