“Occupy” protesters interrupt Santorum

Rick Santorum on Monday said the Occupy movement represents “true intolerance” after a handful of protesters shouted through his entire event in Tacoma, Wash.

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Say It Ain’t So! – Andrew Breitbart Loses It At Occupy Protesters

Everybody’s favorite media whipping boy Andrew Breitbart, thinks he is a one man army, and tries in vain to take on Occupy Protesters at CPAC 2012.

from The Huffington Post……..

Andrew Breitbart is angry.

On Friday night, the conservative muckraker accosted activists who were protesting the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference. Emily Crockett of Campus Progress was on hand to capture the remarkable tirade on video.

Breitbart screamed at the protesters to ‘behave yourself’ repeatedly. He also called the protesters freaks and animals and told them to ‘stop raping people.’

Occupy the Dream: From Wall Street to Congress …. The Movement Continues!(w/video)

Four months after Occupy Wall Street grew into a nationwide phenomenon, America‘s Occupy activists plan to descend on Capitol Hill to “Occupy Congress” on Tuesday in what organizers hope could be the movement’s largest gathering yet.

Dear Mr President (This is Why We’re Here)

The Occupy Movement has sparked many artist to express their support for the Occupy Movement through music. The latest is Gabriel Quinn Andreas of Occupy Santa Barbara.

Andreas sings……..

“We gave you a fair chance, and this is how it went. Signed sincerely yours, The Other Ninety-Nine Percent.”

A protest song for the Occupy movement.

Dear Mr. President, this is why we’re here.
Allow us to explain, though it is probably clear:

Dear Mr. President, this is what we wanted.
To build homes, not bomb them but we
clearly can’t do it with all the drama in congress.
Like it’s all about your image, not doing what’s right.
Like it’s beers with the boys and we won’t even ask what you get up to in the white house at night.

We have assembled to plead the case
of people with troubles you tried to erase. You took an oath
to serve, were your fingers crossed when you said the words,
or was the meaning lost?

A patriot would put the brakes on this.
A patriot would not manipulate the populace.
A true patriot would never split the wax from the wick.
Apparently patriotism and politics don’t mix.

Dear Mr. President, this is why we’re here.
In good conscience we can’t let this go another year.
Unstuck from the corrupted order,
The people, that’s US, can no longer afford to

True Patriots sleep on streets
or in cells, a patriot’s spirit can never be held.
True patriotism is impossible to defeat –
ideas are invincible, they can’t be killed.

Of everything we needed done
you barely made a dent.
Of all your empty promises
was there even ONE you meant?

We gave you a fair chance
and this is how it went.
Sincerely yours,

The Other Ninety-Nine Percent.

You drive us to the danger zone
and pretend to act surprised
while it’s clear you’ve spent the
last few years rolling your eyes.
Slavery is subsidized, freedom is a hoax, and you must have missed
that your list of laws is just a joke.

So here’s what’s gotta happen-
you’ve gotta see things from our side.
We tried to do things your way,
but that paradigm has died.

We stand before you peaceably
and are here to stay.
until you change.

And we say:


American’s Be Fruitful and OCCUPY!!!

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“OCCUPY” by Mark Lesseraux – winter solstice music video

OCCUPY December 22, 2011, winter solstice music video release in celebration of light, peace and love for humanity.

A music video of the OCCUPY movement created in December, 2011.

Music by Mark Lesseraux, http://marklesseraux.com/
Video by Matthew Dimakos, http://www.matthewdimakos.com

American’s Be Fruitful and OCCUPY!!!

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Occupy London evolves with new political ambition

It has been months since the global Occupy movement began in New York and spread across the world.  In London, protesters are still camped out near St Paul’s Cathedral in the hub of the city. Their tented compound has begun to look like a permanent fixture, even though its size has not grown.  The movement needs to gather more traction, and get more people involved. Some of the organizers have even discussed turning it into a political party.  For now, the movement’s tactics remain the same, but with these new ambitions, Occupy London could soon be evolving into something else.

The Dying 1st Amendment – US ad firms attempt to censor the Occupy Movement

The Occupy movement is about a week away from its third anniversary. A big part of the reason the movement is going strong is because of the financial contributions from people who share the same sentiment. OWS sought the services of AdBackers.com, a website that helps launch grassroots campaigns. Sergey Barr, founder of AdBacker.com, gives us his firsthand account with the US government trying to censor the OWS ads.

“Occupy is Coming To Town!” – Occupy Springfield, IL : Mic Check & Political Theatre Regarding SB0397

SB0397 stood to give away millions to the CME and other large corporation in Illinois. We’ve stood against it in the past, and now this, on the day of voting. We start with a little Christmas Political Theatre, and after that we found out the Senate passed the bill, so we let them know how we felt about that. In the end the House killed the bill with an 8 to 99 vote. A win for the 99 and the 99%!!

Occupy Apple Pie: #OWS Thanksgiving protest

Occupy movements around US have celebrated Thanksgiving holiday at makeshift encampments. In New York, Occupy organizers have been handing out thousands of Thanksgiving meals at Zuccotti Park, where the protest movement began on Sept. 17 before spreading nationwide.