“Four Ways Fox News Manipulates You”

Fox News using manipulation tactics?? Say it ain’t so! Even though you might have already heard about these tricks, I bet you haven’t heard them with this many curse words!

“The Reason War Will Go On Forever”

Well, maybe I’m not telling you anything new with this one, but sometimes important thoughts need to be repeated again and again and again, etc. etc. to really sink in.

If You Watch anything today…. Please Watch This! “Occupy The World”

Rarely do images put a topic in perspective as this video does.

You Must watch this.

 Then You Must act!

American’s Be Fruitful and OCCUPY!!!

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Here We Come to Save The Day! – Occupy Wall Street – Occupy Ninjas! Coming to a bank in a town near you soon!!

Occupy Ninjas move swiftly by cover of night. We are not seen, only felt by the swift yellow tape we leave behind.