Michelle Bachmann to Occupy Movement: “I feel your frustration and pain!” Yeah Whatever!

Michelle Bachmann appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show, tries to garner the Occupy movements empathy by saying she feels our frustration.

Why the Occupy Movement is winning and scaring the hell out of the GOP/TEA

Now that Conservatives have employed Frank Luntz to fight OWS, Luntz said he’s “frightened to death” of the movement – and called on Republicans to be careful with the words they use – So after ignoring, ridiculing, and fighting OWS – isn’t it clear the movement is winning??  And when did the Republican Party hand over the power to pick it’s nominees to Rupert Murdoch? Turns out the Republican debate at the end of the month in Iowa will be hosted by none other than the Donald himself! In what will likely be the most-watched – and biggest train wreck of a debate so far – everyone is wondering just what kind of questions Donald Trump will ask the candidates?

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Michele Bachmann “The Essence Of The Occupy Movement Is Having Other People Pay For Their Stuff”

Sometimes I think Michelle Bachmann is in her own little world, but that’s alright, at least they know her there.  There should be quite a few GOP‘ers dropping from the race in the coming weeks, and Michelle Bachmann should be at the front of the line.


David Letterman’s Top Ten Signs there is already trouble at Michelle Bachmann’s Campaign headquarters

Super Committee’s 13th Member: Occupy Wall Street?

Former Bush speechwriter, Mark Thiessen, is blaming Occupy Wall Street for the Super Committee’s failure. He has a point, yet at the same time, is completely wrong.

Newt Gingrich to #OWS:”Take a Bath and Get a Job” – Me to Newt: “Brush Your teeth, there’s BullShit in your mouth!”

It’s amazing to me, that the American public would even consider  a man like Newt Gingrich for public office, much less for the Presidency of the United States.  His recent surge in the polls is obviously aided and/or manufactured by the media, and he is just the latest GOP turd (candidate) to float to the top of the political toilet bowl.  But Newt has outdone himself this time. During a recent debate with Herman Cain, Gingrich let out a well-practiced diatribe against The Occupy Wall Street Movement in which he tells the protestors to “Get a job right after you take a Bath” Check Out the video of this classically clueless GOP front-runners moment below……..

Last time I checked, Mr. Gingrich was running for President of The United States of America, which includes EVERY AMERICAN, not just the 1%.   If he seriously wants to be elected president of just the rich and influential, then he should enter a different race altogether.  America is not just for the “haves” or “have-nots”, but it’s greatest strength comes from the totality of the population and not just 1 individual or class.  Newt Gingrich represents everything that is wrong with America, it’s corruption, cronyism, lack of compassion, and most of all, it’s apathy, the very things that #OWS are protesting against. No wonder he felt the need to attack the movement……..but Thanks Newt, for telling us we need a bath, and employment.  Here’s a tip for you…. You should Brush your teeth more often, because the Bullshit coming out of your mouth, is starting to leave a stain.

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Karl Rove FINALLY gets his! Gets “Mic Checked” during speech : The #OWS Movement strikes again!

Mic Check! Karl Rove is the Architect. The Architect of OccupyIraq. The Architect of OccupyAfghanistan. The Architect of tax cuts for the 1%. The 99% think it’s time to #Occupy the Architect. To #Occupy the Architecture. Occupy Wall Street. Occupy Baltimore. Occupy Johns Hopkins. Occupy America. Liberate America. Occupy everything. Occupy everywhere. Occupy together. We are the 99%.”

And Now For Something Completely Different – Republican Space Rangers!

Here they come to save the day!  In Republican Space Rangers……..No stereotype is left unturned, from redneck culture to killing furriners for fun to sublimated homosexuality to the obligatory schwanz-shaped rocket ship.

This video originally appears in Rockstar Game’s Grand Theft Auto VI

is The Occupy Wall Street Movement just like The Tea Party? Not No. but Hell No They aren’t… THIS is a Global Movement

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, who became a household name as Joe the Plumber after questioning Barack Obama about his economic policies during the 2008 presidential campaign. Photograph: Madalyn Ruggiero/AP Photo

Why hasn’t the Occupy Wall Street movement generated its own Joe the Plumber or Herman Cain?

There are progressive millionaires available to run! What’s more, OWS – or at least, the issues that propel it – are vastly more popular than the Tea Party that gestated Cain and gave Joe his soapbox. A New York Times/CBS poll out Wednesday found that while only 24% of those polled describe themselves as supporters of the Tea Party, 43% said they “generally agree” with the view of OWS. And when asked about the views themselves (not in the context of OWS), Americans expressed opinions that would have them hooted off a GOP debate stage: 65% want to increase taxes on millionaires and 66% believe that “the money and wealth in this country should be more evenly distributed among more people.”

Conservatives might claim that the OWS movement hasn’t generated a candidate because they already have one: Obama. But it was the Obama administration that oversaw many of the policies that have brought so many people out of their heavily mortgaged homes and into the streets.

I think the appeal of these outsider candidates on the right has to do with what’s at the heart of conservatism: resistance to change. For all their carping about the tax code (and Cain’s truly, genuinely radical proposal to replace it), GOP voters believe that what’s wrong with America right now is who’s running it, not the system of governance itself.

Daron Shaw, a political science professor at the University of Texas, says that among outsider candidates issues “are important but only symbolically”. According to Shaw, policy points like the budget or the tax code become important only when an outsider can “can claim them as symbols of either corruption or competence”.

Cain’s appeal is fundamentally one of competence; he ran a successful business, he can run the country! And he points to the tax code’s eleventy kajillion words (he hasn’t seemed to settle on an exact count) as a representation of redundancy and complexity, not as a policy that is inherently unjust. That’s what his plan is for.

Occupy Wall Street has, in Shaw’s parlance, a corruption claim, and as such, resists being embodied by a single individual or policy … even as it gains energy every time authorities try to crack down on it. See: Oakland.

It may be impossible for Obama – or anyone running for office, politician or not – to capitalise on that energy. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to go to waste. As Shaw puts it, “When governments fall, they tend to fall not because of a new set of issues, but because … parties come along whose central claim is that they’re not part of the established order.” Third parties in American history have been unsuccessful – but they’ve also mostly been formed around a single person. Talk about catering to the 1%.

OWS doesn’t need a leader to become a persistent presence (it might fail specifically because it appoints one), it just needs even more followers. It doesn’t need a celebrity Joe, just more regular ones.

by Anne Marie Cox – Guardian UK

Occupy Wall Street protesters are American patriots – OCCUPY CYBERSPACE

Editor’s note: Roland S. Martin is a syndicated columnist and author of “The First: President Barack Obama’s Road to the White House.” He is a commentator for TV One cable network and host/managing editor of its Sunday morning news show, “Washington Watch with Roland Martin.”

Occupy Wall Street protesters demonstrating in Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C. this week

(CNN) — “An unconditional right to say what one pleases about public affairs is what I consider to be the minimum guarantee of the First Amendment.” — U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo L. Black, New York Times Co. vs. Sullivan, 1964

It’s downright disgusting to listen to conservative and Republican lawmakers, presidential candidates, business owners and media commentators use such vitriol to describe the Occupy Wall Street protesters as hell-bent on destroying America.

How in the world can anyone even form their lips to say such a thing when this very country was founded on the basis of dissent?

Self-professed rodeo clown Glenn Beck castigates the Occupy Wall Street protesters, but he’s always running off at the mouth about the Founding Fathers and how brilliant they were.

Without dissent and protest, there is no United States of America! It’s as if these folks never picked up a history book to understand how this nation was formed. The very notion of a United States of America started with someone saying, writing and screaming, “Enough is enough!” And when more and more of the early settlers became enraged at the heavy-handed actions of the British, that’s when we were on our path to the American Revolution.

Do any of these so-called strict constructionists even read the very U.S. Constitution they love to wave in the faces of their critics?

Every American, no matter if you’re young or old; rich or poor; red state or blue state; Black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Native American; has the freedom to assemble and freedom of speech, which is at the heart of these protests.

In this same space, I praised the tea party for not sitting around and complaining. Instead, they organized and mobilized to affect the political discourse in the Republican Party and have definitely had their voices heard. I may disagree with a number of things the tea party advocates, but there is no way I would condemn them for doing it. As Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas said, “The right to revolt has sources deep in our history.”

It’s increasingly clear that some Americans love to talk a good game about protests, yet hate it when someone who opposes their views decides to stand up and be heard.

Remember all of those political voices championing the people of Iran taking to the streets to protest? How about Tunisia? Egypt? Libya? Bahrain? What would this world be without protest?

We would have never seen freedom in Eastern Europe were it not without the people there, in the words of civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer, being “sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Praise God that the children of South Africa, led by the African National Congress, didn’t ignore the calls of history. If so, Nelson Mandela would be dying in jail and freedom would have never ended apartheid.

Activists ‘not surprised’ by criticism

Rev. Lowery ‘excited’ by Occupy movement

Occupy Wall Street spreads to Philly

This nation would not have been forced to make real the very principles cited in the Declaration of Independence, or treat every human being as an equal, were it not for the civil rights movement. Those brave men, women and children chose not to accept the status quo, and this nation and the world are much better off because they did.

As a supporter of Occupy Wall Street, I understand fully the sentiment that is being expressed. The massive corporate greed that has devastated the wages of the common worker, and seen the pay of a bunch on Wall Street go through the stratosphere for literally making nothing tangible, has been immoral and obscene.

Wall Street and their protectors in Washington — Democrat and Republican — say nothing is wrong with making a profit. That is absolutely true. But what is shameful and outlandish is to watch the American taxpayer save the jobs (and big bonuses) of these financial miscreants, only to see them jack up fees left and right. Without the American people they would have had to pack up their belongings and hit the pavement. Instead, they refuse to work with homeowners struggling to meet the big mortgage payments that Wall Street helped underwrite; then sell in exotic transactions that wrecked this nation’s financial infrastructure.

Conservatives call this an assault on capitalism. No, Occupy Wall Street is about trying to bring some decency and honesty back to an industry that used to have some. Instead, what we have today are literal financial pirates trying to take the largest booty they can find. They don’t care about the long-term health of this country. It’s all about the next quarterly earnings reports and their massive year-end bonuses.

This fight that Occupy Wall Street is engaged in is nothing short of a battle for the soul of this nation. Are we going to continue to allow ourselves to be held hostage by the big banks? Will we continue to allow them to trample over us with their “too big to fail” attitude?

No, no, and hell no. It’s time to bring these Goliaths to their knees by any means necessary. That mean the young and righteous Davids must protest, march, sit-in, work the halls of Congress and state capitals nationwide, and make it clear that as long as Wall Street, its lobbyists and political protectors continue to mistreat the common man and woman, they are our mortal enemy.

Now is not the time to dismiss the protesters as a bunch of lefty college students with no guidance, no substance and no mission. Instead of listening to politicians pimp the next generation, these folks are saying in the words of the founders of the nation’s first black newspaper, Freedom’s Journal: “We wish to plead our own cause; too long have others spoken for us.”