Politics makes Strange Bedfellows – Occupy and Tea Party groups hold joint meeting

Occupy-Tea Party peace talks in Richmond, Virginia

We’ve all heard the saying that Politics make for strange bedfellows.  Well imagine a world where the burgeoning Occupy Movement holds meetings with the Tea Party. After you finish laughing out loud…. hold on to your seat, because this is exactly what has happened “Un-Officially” in Virginia.

CHRIS DOVI of Salon.com writes…

RICHMOND, Va. — Members of the Occupy Richmond and local Tea Party movements found acres of common ground during an unlikely meeting held Tuesday at a police station-turned-art gallery in the city’s historic Jackson Ward neighborhood.

But first and foremost, the 12 men and women from seemingly polar spots on the political spectrum agreed on this: The meeting never happened.

Now before you shake your head and dismiss this local effort, consider this, Who would benefit more from this meeting, The Occupy Movement or The Tea Party?  Whatever your answer may be, the fact that there is actually an attempt at open dialogue between the two groups is huge. Whether or not this meeting in Virginia will influence other local Occupy and Tea Party Movements to meet and form an open dialogue, remains to be seen.