Occupy Oakland: 400 Arrests, Tear Gas & Flag Burning

Mass arrests, chemical weapons, and nationwide solidarity – the Occupy Wall Street movement was the big story over the weekend – and so too was how hundreds of Americans were screwed out of their constitutional rights to free speech and assembly. More than 400 members of the Occupy movement were arrested Saturday in downtown Oakland as riot police using flash-bang grenades, chemical weapons, and less-lethal rubber-coated steel bullets cracked down on an attempt to occupy a long-abandoned city building. An unknown number of patriots were hospitalized with injuries after the assault by Oakland Police, and at least four journalists were arrested – the most since Mayor Bloomberg‘s midnight raid on Zuccotti Park last November. All-in-all it was an ugly day in Oakland Saturday.

Arab Spring/”Occupy Egypt” – New clashes rock Cairo after ten killed

Violence raged in the administrative heart of Egypt‘s capital on Saturday as troops and police deployed in force after clashes with protesters against continued military rule left 10 people dead.

OWS: Anonymous Hacks Police Website

Things weren’t quite as peaceful this weekend at Occupy Chicago. Protesters are still attempting to create a headquarters for this region of the Occupy movement; they marched to Grant Park on Saturday night. But when the park closed, the arrests began. One hundred and thirty people were arrested Saturday night, which marks the second week of mass arrests relating to the Occupy movement.

Occupy Austin protesters face Knife Attack

Austin police arrested a man described as a transient at the Occupy Austin protest at city hall.

Police arrested the man, Billy Joe Lewis-Kubisiak, around 8:30 p.m. Saturday. He pulled a knife and made threatening gestures regarding food distribution. No one was hurt.

Police said the 23-year-old was intoxicated and not a member of the Occupy Austin protest.

Lewis-Kubisiak has been charged with aggravated assault.

The Occupy Austin protest continues into its third week. Sunday, those who took part were moved to the median in front of city hall because of another activity.

Organizers have Occupy Austin events planned through Nov. 7.

by KVUE News, Video by KXAN