Romney thugs throw out the 99% from his CPAC 2012 speech

Here is just another taste of what a Romney Presidency would ultimately look like.  He has no clue what the 99% are going through, and he tends to see America through altruistic rose colored glasses.  It doesn’t matter that millions are out of work and millions more are losing their homes, as long as his dividend checks keep rolling in, all will be fine.  Check out footage of the 99% getting roughed up and ejected from Romney’s 2012 CPAC speech.

Occupy Protestors and Attendees Clash at CPAC 2012

Hundreds of young protesters and union workers swarmed the driveways of the Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, DC, twice on Friday, “occupying” outside the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC.

The first protest kicked off around noon and was complete with an inflatable “fat cat,” tents, and banners. Protestors—largely comprised of members of Our DC, the Teamsters, United Auto Workers, the AFL-CIO, and Occupy DC—generally kept to the sidewalk away from the hotel’s entrance.

Protestors tried to gain entry to the conference hotel at one point but were largely blocked by police.

The second protest, later Friday evening, was intended to coincide with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s keynote address at CPAC. Police and hotel security formed a wall between CPAC attendees and protestors, who shout back and forth at each other, though the overall scene remained mostly peaceful. The only chant both sides agreed on was a simple: “USA! USA! USA!”

Around 6 p.m., after occupiers clashed briefly with police, conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart made his way into the crowd and began verbally assailing the protesters, calling them “freaks and animals” and shouting “Stop raping people!” Campus Progress has exclusive video of the incidenthere.

In his speech, Walker said he was giving public employees the “right to choose” when he pushed through a law in 2011 that ended most collective bargaining rights for public workers.

Since then, Walker has remained an easy target against whom union members nationwide have organized. Making recall effort history, union organizers collected one million signatures in 60 days calling for Walker’s ouster.

Occupy DC is planning another protest for mid-day Saturday outside CPAC.

re-posted Campus Progress  from article by Naima Ramos-Chapman associate editor at Campus Progress.

Is this the beginning of the end for Occupy DC?

The District‘s health department has expressed sanitation concerns about the Occupy DC encampment saying that the trash that’s piling up is bringing around rats. After sharing their concern with DC Mayor Vincent Gray, it seems he too is considering evicting Occupiers. But WJLA reports, a lot of people who live and work near the public parks say that the rat problem is nothing new. So is Mayor Gray using the rat issue as an excuse to get rid of Occupiers?

Occupy the Highway! The latest news on Occupy Wall Street

The latest developments on the Occupy Wall Street‘s march from New York to the capitol building in Washington, D.C. in efforts of protesting the Super Committee’s failure to reach an agreement of cutting trillions of dollars toward the deficit.

American’s Be Fruitful and Occupy…. except if you host a show on NPR

(AP) WASHINGTON – A freelance radio host was fired from a documentary program that airs on NPR affiliates after she became a spokeswoman for a Washington protest because her producers believed she violated the public radio network’s code of ethics, the host said Thursday.

Lisa Simeone said she was fired the previous evening from “Soundprint,” a music documentary show that isn’t produced by NPR but is aired by its affiliates across the country. She said the head of Soundprint Media Center Inc., which produces the show, read NPR’s code of ethics to her before she was fired.

NPR also questioned Simeone’s involvement in the “Occupy D.C.” protest and said its ethics code applies to the shows it carries. But NPR said Simeone doesn’t work for the radio network, and it hadn’t pressured Soundprint to fire her.

Simeone also hosts “World of Opera,” a show produced by North Carolina-based music and arts station WDAV. That program is distributed by NPR. She said that station is supporting her so far.

Simeone told The Associated Press she is not a news reporter.

“I don’t cover news. In none of the shows that I do, do I cover the news,” she said. “What is NPR afraid I’ll do? Insert a seditious comment into a synopsis of `Madame Butterfly?”‘

Simeone, who lives in Baltimore, said she has been serving with about 50 people on a steering committee for an occupation protest on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. She said it is not connected to the Occupy Wall Street movement that began in New York, but they share similar philosophies.

NPR issued a statement on its website Wednesday saying it had learned Simeon was participating in an “Occupy D.C.” group but that she is not an NPR employee.

“We’re in conversations with WDAV about how they intend to handle this,” the statement read. “We of course take this issue very seriously.”

On Thursday, NPR spokeswoman Anna Christopher said no one at the network has had contact with producers of “Soundprint” or pressured them to fire Simeone.

As for “World of Opera,” Christopher said the network’s code of ethics applies to cultural programs, as well as news, that the network produces, acquires or distributes.

“We are not her employer, but she is a host for a show that we distribute,” Christopher said. “She has that public presence.”

WDAV, a station based in Davidson, N.C., issued a statement saying it was working with NPR to find a solution for the show.

“WDAV and NPR have different missions,” WDAV spokeswoman Lisa Gray said in an emailed statement. “WDAV respects NPR’s mission to serve as a leading news provider. WDAV on the other hand, exists to serve as a leading provider of arts and cultural programming nationally and internationally.”

In the past year, NPR has come under scrutiny for its firing of news analyst Juan Williams after he said on Fox News that he was uncomfortable being on a plane with someone wearing clothing that identifies them as Muslim. At the time, NPR said Williams’s comments violated its code of ethics by participating in media “that encourage punditry and speculation rather than fact-based analysis.”

The network has been sensitive to accusations that it carries a liberal bias. An NPR CEO was forced to resign after conservative activist James O’Keefe posted a video portraying NPR’s chief fundraiser complaining about the tea party’s influence on the Republican Party.